The Top Side of Our Souls
Delivered By
R. Scott Talley
Delivered On
March 10, 2019 at 9:30 AM
Central Passage
Mark 6:31


  • Jesus had been rejected in his hometown
  • Soon after Jesus gives his apostles authority to go out to minister by healing and teaching
  • The apostles returned to Jesus very excited with the crowds of people following
  1. Every Christian, however practical or logical has both a spiritual and a physical side.
  1. The spiritual side resides on the top side of life and consists of:
    1. Prayer, meditation on spiritual things, communing with God, preparing for the next life (heaven), and worship of God.
  2. The physical side resides on the bottom side of life and consists of:
    1. The necessity of working, eating, sleeping, paying taxes and somehow getting along in this cold hard world.
    2. Since, we have decided to know and follow the Lord then; we must serve in every useful way as outlined in the Scriptures of truth.
  3. To be a Christian it is necessary that we serve in this world as well as God.
  1. The joy of the Christian life is to keep the two elements in proper balance.…
    1. Today the Christian emphasis falls heavily on the “active” life.…
      1. The favorite brand of Christianity is in a hurry, hard hitting, aggressive and ready with the neat one-liner, trend and slogan.
    2. We can easily neglect the top side of our soul/spirit.
      1. God’s light in our top side burns dimly when we:
        1. Hurry about the bottom making a great commotion
        2. Giving only an impression of wonderful devotion to God’s tasks.
  2. Lord, help me to keep the proper balance.
    1. Help me especially to cultivate the top side of my soul and spirit. Amen.