Sometimes Persuasion and Sometimes Provocation Acts 17:1-9
Delivered By
R. Scott Talley
Delivered On
May 7, 2017 at 9:30 AM
Central Passage
Acts 17:1-9

Title:                Sometimes Persuasion and Sometime Provocation. Acts 17:1-9

Then:               Paul’s customs of preaching Christ lead to the persuasion of some and the violent provocation of others.

Now:               God’s way is the best way even when it is not popular.

Objective:        Christians must remain faithful in good and bad times.

Question:         How do God’s people remain faithful under any conditions?

Key Word:      Condition.


1.  When we are on the road, we are required proclaim Jesus.

2.  When Paul and Salis proclaimed Jesus some will be persuaded and some provoked.

3.  God way of salvation (Jesus) is always the best way but not always the popular.

4.  How do the people of God remain faithful to Jesus under all conditions?


  1. The first condition is remaining faithful even when in a foreign place (1-3).
  2. The second condition is to hold fast to Jesus even when others seek only evil because not all are provoked (4-5).
  3. The third condition is to remember God’s plan even when the civil authorities are in an uproar (6-9).


  1. God’s plan may not be popular but it is always the best for us.
  2. When God’s plan is used some people will be persuaded to follow Jesus.
  3. Remain faithful in all conditions and God will be proclaimed to all who will hear.