Delivered By
R. Scott Talley
Delivered On
March 5, 2019 at 9:30 AM
Central Passage
James 2:18-19
  • James is thinking of a possible objector vs. 18
  • The objector’s view is that faith and works are alternative expressions of a Christian. James says not so…
  • It is not a case of either faith or works; it is necessarily a case of both faith and works.
  • In many ways Christianity is falsely represented as an “either or” when it must properly be a “both and”.


  1. In the well-balanced Christ-like life there must be thoughts and actions.
    1. Tempting to think that one may be either a person of thought or of action.
      1. Thought will sit thinking great thoughts;
        1. Thinking is ½ a person unless - thoughts turned into deeds.
      2. Action always will be out in the world doing great deeds.
        1. The foundation of Great actions is a great thought.
  2. In the well- balanced Christ-like life there must be prayers and efforts.
    1. Tempting to see as two separate issues
      1. Saints - secluded on their knees in constant devotion
      2. Workers – out in the dust and the heat of the day.
        1. Separation does not function in reality.
        2. Prayer and effort must go hand in hand. [see Ecclesiastes chapter 3]
  3. In the well-balanced Christ-like life there must be faith and deeds.
    1. Only through deeds that faith can prove/demonstrate itself;
    2. Only through faith that deeds will be accomplished through God’s will/purposes/plans.
      1. Faith will always show itself in action;
      2. Deeds begin when faith is present in some great cause or principle.